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Wetland Filters Are The Absolute Best Pond Filters

Constructed wetlands have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, mainly because of their natural look and aesthetic appeal. But what exactly is a wetland and just how does it function?

The bottom line, is that low maintenance, natural looking, constructed aquatic bog wetland filtration, installed by Big Rock Ponds, helps on Large Pond & Lake Management, and they make any Gadsden, Guntersville, Rainbow City and Etowah County, Alabama (AL) area ponds look natural and gorgeous. What’s more, natural wetlands, and their associated mimicked riparian like habitats, are the most biologically diverse habitats on earth, and we can create this in your backyard.

More species of plants and animals are associated with them than any other type of ecosystem, your kids will love playing with the fish, frogs, and wildlife that finds it’s way to your pond.

But, because of our world’s construction practices and changes to natural hydrology, these systems are under great stress. By adding a small wetland to your backyard, you’d be helping to preserve the natural biodiversity of your community. With today’s growing tendency toward creating sustainable landscape solutions, you can see why wetland filtration is an obvious choice for today’s environmentally-conscious consumer.

Yes, in the Gadsden, Guntersville, Rainbow City and Etowah County, Alabama (AL) areas, you can transform an unsightly earthen-bottom farm pond into a beautiful, healthy ecosystem water feature! A gorgeous new waterfall provides beneficial aeration and circulation to a mucky, stagnant pond, while a constructed wetland provides much-needed natural filtration. Additional pump jets aid circulation while an intake bay skims the pond’s surface helping to keep it clean. You won’t believe the results!

A wetland works similarly to a Biofalls filter, but instead of creating a waterfall; it creates an area in your pond, thick with naturally-filtering plants, as well as rocks and gravel, which provide a surface for bacterial colonization … nature’s perfect filters. So a wetland, while naturally beautiful and pleasing to the eye, is a great filtration method that will help keep your water looking crystal clear.

One of the greatest things about wetland filtration is that it can be used with almost any system. But will it fit in with your pond? Do you have to have a lot of space to construct a wetland? There are no size limitations because it acts as your biological filtration. The plants, rocks, and gravel act as the filtration media, similar to what you see in nature.

Watch to See How This Earthen Pond Was Transformed

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